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Raceonly Rotary General Servicing & Maintenance

A well maintained Rotary is one that will both perform and last. Raceonly can carry out all routine maintenance and health checks for your rotary powered vehicle. We will work with you to keep your car running at it’s optimum performance levels. We use only OEM or the best (new) replacement parts and fluids, and can also use any products/brands you specifically wish to use.  We can organise a schedule with you to ensure your rotary gets the regular treatment it deserves. General  frequent maintenance on a rotary can include:

  • Rotary compression testing
  • Frequent oil and coolant changes
  • Oil and fuel filter changes
  • Flushing oil and coolant
  • Changing spark plugs

Questions about servicing & maintenance?

Call us, email us or message us on Facebook. Shoot over a contact form. We know choosing a workshop to maintain your rotary is an important decision. We’re here to help you get the most out of your car. Raceonly are Sydney’s  specialist in maintenance and servicing for rotaries.