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Raceonly Rotary

Engine Rebuilds

Rotary Engine Rebuilds are what we do best. Whether you want a stock rebuild or a full out peripheral port monster – we can do it. Our experience and and rigorous testing has made Raceonly the go to rotary rebuild specialist in Sydney. Regardless if it’s a 12A, 13B, 20B or 26B our attention to detail and precision methods ensure your Raceonly power plant is going to perform.

Everything starts out with a “Basic” rebuild and goes from there. The options for rotors, housings, plates and modifications are virtually endless, so once you decide on a rebuild – the sky is the limit. However, we want to showcase some of our options and innovations so you know what’s available and can make a educated decision about what’s right for you.

Raceonly offers a full suite of rotary rebuild services.

  • Basic Engine Rebuilds
  • Engine Porting (Street, Race, Bridge, Peripheral)
  • Lightening, Balancing and/or Clearancing
  • Plate Lapping & Re-Nitrating
  • eShaft Lightening & Balancing
  • Rotor Housing Resurfacing & Machining

Rotary Engine Rebuild FAQs

Keep it stock? Or modify it?

Deciding on what’s right for your rotary engine rebuild and vehicle is the first step. Do you want a “restoration” maintaining all stock systems? Or do you want a ported monster for drag racing? Most likely, something in between – only you can decide – but we can help guide you, and build you a Raceonly power plant that will exceed your expectations and smash your goals.

12A? 13B? Renesis? 20B? 26B?

We rebuild ALL Mazda Rotary Engines. 1st Gen 12A engines, 2nd Gen 13B T2 & N/A engines, 3rd Gen 13B-REW engines, RX-8 RENESIS engines and Cosmo 2 & 3 Rotor engines. If it spins, we’ll make it sing. We also build with quality parts and a focus on longevity that will surpass factory Mazda engines.

Should I port my rotary engine?

Porting is a common upgrade when rebuilding a motor. Since rebuilding a motor doesn’t happen frequently, the only time you can get porting done is while it’s apart. However, there are MANY rotary engine port options which provide drastically different results. You should familiarize yourself with them by reading our handy porting guide.

What if my plates or rotors aren't reusable?

All our prices are based off customers supplying a good core with usable rotors, housings and irons. In the case of a “refresh” on a high mileage motor – things are generally reusable. However, a rebuild due to catastrophic failure usually requires new core components. If your build requires these, we will let you know and offer options for refreshing used parts or supplying new.

What are you putting in my motor?

We use brand new OEM Mazda seals, springs & o-rings. We can also use and recommend E&J Apex Seals for high power applications.

We don’t have a “parts bin” where we pull used “acceptable condition” parts from other motors and use those on your motor. In the case of rotors, irons and housings – we will use your components if they are in good shape or can be reconditioned. Otherwise, we use new OEM Mazda components.

What about warranty?

All our Raceonly power plants come with a 12-month limited warranty.

Raceonly Rotary Porting Guide

A brief overview of the most common types of rotary ports. For more in-depth information or recommendations, please contact us.

Street Port

The first stop on rotary engine porting is a Street Port. Great first step for increasing power during your rotary engine rebuild.  A proper Street Port opens up the upper area of the port allowing for increase air-flow and top-end power gains. You can choose a “mild” or “aggressive” Street Port depending on your goals.

Race Port

A Race Port is the most aggressive rotary engine porting available before you get into Bridge or Peripheral Port.  Considered a step above “aggressive” Street Port – all the benefits are amplified, as are the downsides.  However, if you want the ultimate in power while still maintaining “acceptable” behavior on the street, this is for you.

Half/Full Bridge Port

A Bridge Port adds an additional port next to the existing port.  The “bridge” that now exists between the two ports is left to make sure you don’t lose a corner seal.  A Bridge Port provides massive gains in top-end power and air-flow, but at the cost of a very “lumpy” idle and some drivability issues.  If you’re looking for power and increased RPMs without concern for street use of volume, this is for you.

Peripheral Port

If power is the only thing that matters, nothing beats a Peripheral Port.  No more porting or polishing the stock ports.  Those are now filled and a new intake port is machined into the rotor housing. Peripheral Ports have no place on the street, as drivability is extremely poor and fuel consumption is even worse.  Not to mention, the sounds (although glorious) will be dramatically increased.  However, peak power can’t be beat.

Not quite sure what you want?

Call us, email us or message us on Facebook. Shoot over a contact form. We know these are big and sometimes overwhelming decisions and you will have questions and want advice. We’re here to help you build your ultimate Raceonly power-plant. Raceonly are Sydney’s best specialist in Rotary engine rebuilds.