Turblown Cast External Wastegate EWG FC3S RX7 Manifold


Turblown Engineering has developed the ultimate external waste-gate (EWG) turbo system from over 15 years of manufacturing & testing. This turbo system is not only designed to deliver maximum performance, but also maximum longevity; especially for track driven rotaries. This turbo system wasn’t simply designed by just making it “fit”. Hundreds of dyno hours, and 20+ design variations resulted in what you see here—the most complete and robust single turbo kit on the market for the FC RX7.

  • This is an EWG F Twin gate Manifold ONLY

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The heart of the turbo system revolves around our new for 2021 Cast EWG turbo manifold. You can read more in depth specifics about the manifold in our blog post here.  Twin turbosmart GenV wastegates with optional water cooling ports( recommended for track driven conditions, lines not included*) are supplied in black color with the 14 psi springs by default. The new genV waste-gates do come with multiple spring combinations so one can drop or raise the boost pressure mechanically.  This EWG kit includes twin open vent wastegate dump tubes.

You have your choice of turbo based on what you needs are. Rest assured we have tried it all and if you need help selecting the right size turbo feel free to contact us directly. The SXE based turbos are geared more towards those on a budget, or those who are looking to exceed the power levels of the biggest EFR( 68mm-750rwhp). The EFR turbocharger is the fastest responding turbo on the market, and is ideal for street, or road raced Rx7s.

This turbo systems fits both LHD & RHD 2nd gen Rx7s from 1985-1992 with the OEM 13B Turbo II and Intake. . Please contact directly if going this option. All known intercooler systems also fit this turbo system, including Vmounts. The 1.45 AR EFR turbine housings require a spacer for fitment. Factory A/C parts do clear this turbo system without modifications. Air-pump removal required( this turbo system is designed for off road use only).

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 35 cm