Raceonly RX7 FD IGN-1A Coil Harness Plug and Play ONLY


Here at Raceonly we are always looking for ways to make it easier and more cost effective to modify your car. Most people who are trying to make more power out of there FD will quickly hit the limit of the factory ignition system. Depending on it’s age it can be 200HP or 450HP, eventually you will definitely hit a wall.  Once upon a time the go to upgrade was an upgraded igniter like a Twin Spark or an R-Magic unit. Unfortunately these solutions are only masking the real issue at hand. Which is that the coils are failing from heat and old age.

When it came to design an Ignition system for an FD, it was not an easy task. We did not want to fit a coil under the manifold and subject it to the high heat environment as that reduces coil efficiency and life substantially. We found a nice spot down on the passenger chassis rail that actually measured to be one of the coolest parts of the engine bay. PERFECT!

Our kit is 100% BOLT ON for a RHD FD Chassis. Really isn’t much more to say, it bolts to the passenger Chassis rail. DONE

That’s where the “hard” work ends! Everything else is 100% Plug and play. No de-pinning of connectors required whatsoever, unplug the igniter and plug in our coil harness and it’s done. EASY.

We have been using Genuine IGN1A coils in our kits since 2011 and they are tried and test and used in the fastest motorsport cars in the world. We have personally used our kits in applications up to 900RWHP in high boost and high rpm applications.

We do offer a relay kit for these high HP applications as an add-on as the factory ignition supply will not be sufficient. Leads come pre-made and labelled for a no fuss installation, we also use Lead management clips to ensure they are never touching each other and keeps them nice and tidy.

This IGN1A Based Ignition kit is rated up to 800RWHP ( 950RWHP on a DynoJet dyno, 990RHHP on a HUB dyno)

Compatibility: Compatible with all Model FD’s and ECU’s. RHD 

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm