Raceonly RX7 FD Fast Acting Air Temp Sensor


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#PLUGANDPLAY #FAST #AIRTEMP ….If you didn’t know, the Air temp sensor on an #FD #RX7 is actually a coolant temp sensor that has been repurposed. It’s extremely slow and inaccurate and will compromise your ECU’s ability to compensate fuel for the different air temps. So when we set out to come up with a solution for this issue, we knew we needed to make it easy to install if it was to be succesful, we also knew that it would need to be compatible with most aftermarket ECU’s as well as the OEM ECU.
That is exactly what we did, we found a sensor that bolted straight in, was fast acting and was almost identical in terms of calibration to the OEM sensor. Our next issue was making it Plug and play as the connector on the new sensor was different. No worries. We are renowned for making high quality Plug and play wiring harnesses so this was no different.
It is simple as that, bolt the sensor in, connect our plug and play adaptor and off you go.
We will be offering calibration data with the sensor for all ECU’s that allow it. Adaptronic, Link, Haltech, Motec etc.
Please see the images for the Voltage VS Temp calibration to load into your ECU of choice.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm