Raceonly RX7 FD EFR Boost Control harness Plug and Play


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The EFR is one of the most popular turbos ever used on the #RX7 #FD platform thus far. It does help that we have the @turblown Turbo kits available to make it easy to install, and durable for the long term life of the car. One of the aspects that we feel was missed in this was boost control.

With all the costs associated with going single turbo, adding a boost control system to the mix only just makes that stack a little higher.

Well as you know problem solving is our game here, we came up with this Plug and Play harness that connects the #OEM boost control to the #EFR. So what does that mean?

It means that you can control boost via any Plug and Play ECU that you may have using the OEM wiring. Just plug this harness in and the tuner can start using the ECU boost control through the OEM wiring. It’s that easy.

AND YES, it works with the Power FC!!!. It’s flawless.  Theorotically our harness will work the OEM ECU if you wanted it to, I wouldn’t recommend running an EFR on an OEM ECU 🙂

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