Raceonly RX7 FD Dump Pipe Gasket Twin Turbo


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Here we have our FD RX7 Dump Pipe gasket to suit OEM and FDMotorsport twin turbos. They are a 6 layer multi-layer gasket with a twist:)

If you have a stock gasket handy you will notice our gasket looks like much larger in the middle. That’s right, we have modified the gasket to allow for a much larger opening which results in over a 90CFM increase of airflow just out of the flange. That’s correct, we did a back to back test on an FDMotorsports dump pipe with an OEM flange opening and our new Raceonly Highflow Gasket and we saw a 90CFM change in flow.

If you are using OEM twins you can get the grinder out and match port the outlet to suit our gasket or if you purchase any FD Motorsport twins Post January 2022 they will be already ported to suit our new gasket.

Included in this kit

  • Racoenly Highflow Stainless 6 layer Multi-layer gasket



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm