Raceonly RX7 FD 4 Bar Map Sensor Plug and Play


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The FD Map sensor is well known to be very limiting on any build. Even on a Stock car that is going to run more boost then factory, you will find yourself very quickly limited by the fact the OEM map sensor only reads accurately to 15psi and is very non linear from that point. You then need to take into consideration that you need some head room if you are going to have a functional boost cut. This realistically means that on any running any more then 13psi is a gamble. If your boost cut is too close to your target boost you either have to disable the boost cut which is very risky or run a lower target pressure.

We know that there are plenty of options for map sensor upgrades out there, what makes our one uniqe? First and foremost, our kit is 100% Plug and play. No wiring required whatsoever. 2ndly it also lets you run up to 4 bar of boost on any ECU you may choose. Yes even the Apexi POWER FC. We are the only shop to have a 4 bar (45PSI max boost pressure) solution for the Apexi power fc . We provide the calibration data required for any ECU you may have. It is as easy that.

Did I mention it bolts on to the OEM location. Using our CNC Folded bracket the whole kit plugs and installs in and can be done by absolutely anybody.

What’s Included

  • Raceonly Map Sensor Bracket
  • 4 Bar Map Sensor
  • Raceonly PNP Map Harness
  • Map Sensor Hardware (SS m5 Nuts and bolts)
  • M6 SS 16MM Bolt



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm