Raceonly FD RX7 Airpump Delete Kit Gen 2


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One of the most common modifications for an FD is an Air pump delete kit. Many of us who have gone down the road of single turbos or custom intakes need the room and the air pump consumes a large amount of real estate in the engine bay.

There are many solutions out there, our solution specifically targets belt slippage. It has been designed to work with the OEM Alternator pulley as well as our 180AMP alternator. It is sold with all the hardware required to do the installation. (Bolts, belt and pulley). We use a specific belt which has a textured finish on it as well as applying a textured finish to our Pulley to allow for the maximum amount of grip possible. Our Pulley is also larger in diameter to the OEM pulley which provides additional belt deflection. We took this another step further with the GEN 2 kit which has twice as much grip due to it’s textured finish on the belt. Makes for an OEM like experience. No need to over tension your belt or run a second pulley, it really #justworks.

Our kits will never suffer from bearing explosions which are commonly seen in Idler pulleys and provide plenty of room on the drivers side for any size single turbo you may want to run.

Our FD3S Air pump delete kit is super easy to install. We provide belt and hardware for it to go straight on. No Idler pulleys or extra pieces, 100% plug and play.

All our testing thus far indicates almost no slippage even on large transient throttle events where there are quick and large movements in RPM.

Available in Black,Blue,Red and Violet .


These are due to start shipping on the 22nd of November. They are already IN PRODUCTION. We are not waiting for this pre-order to complete before they are made.

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