Full Function Engineering FD 13B-REW Light Rail Step-up Kit


Lightened FD Step-up Fuel rail kit 

These fuel rails are designed to be the lightest, most compact, no compromise fuel rails available for the 13B-REW.  Utilizing CNC 3D surfacing, a method not typically used for production applications due to the high time consumption, we designed the rails to have a mere 1.5mm (.060″) wall thickness while maintaining ample structural integrity. The result is a fuel rail that weighs a feather light 1.8oz for the primary and 2.5oz for the secondary.

No Stones Left Unturned.

We updated the mounting hardware to simplify installation and reduce weight further. The previous long M8 bolts are replaced by a spacer with an integrated M8 stud. The hollow spacer threads into the motor using a 12mm hex then reduces to an M6 for fastening the fuel rail.


  • CNC’ed 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Black Type II Anodize
  • Stainless Hardware
  • 0.515″ Fuel Bore
  • -6 ORB Ports
  • 34mm, 48mm, and 60mm Secondary Injector Fitment
  • For TWIN TURBO Compatibility please select 34MM to comply with rats nest.
  • Banjo Adaptor to connect to primary rail
  • GFB FX-D Regulator
  • Fitting to attach GFB Regulator directly to rail
  • Optional Pressure guage or Pressure/temp sensor
  • Optional PNP Harness for pressure and/or temp(Not comaptible with powerFC or Standard ECU)
  • Supplied with Hose and fittings to connect to OEM Metal lines

Additional information

Weight 1 kg