Dorito FD Drive by Wire Adaptor Suit 82mm Bosch Throttle body


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We are glad that we can finally offer a bolt on Drive by wire option for the FD Rx7.

These are to suit #cosmo and #FD #RX7 and allow a #bosch 82mm throttle body to bolt straight on to the OEM intake.

Yes we also have the bolt on pedal adaptor as well as an electric pedal to go with it that fits perfectly in your FD Cabin.

Basically if you are looking for an easy solution to switch your cable driven FD RX7, this is it.

So why should you switch to drive by wire ? Let me be the first to say that this modification isn’t for everyone. For an #OEM car I still believe the OEM throttle body is the best unit for the job.
For me DBW really comes into play when you start introducing other technologies into the car that require having an electronic throttle body, technologies such as #sequential gearboxes, #dct gearboxes, #traction control, #cruise control. These are just some of the features/technologies that require dbw to function, if your build is going down any of these paths, then it’s a no brainer.

I’m sure as time goes on there will be many other new applications for dbw and this will be forever changing.

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