Aftermarket Industries FD-3S Fuel Pump Hanger -Street Edition


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We commissioned this project over 12 months ago now with Aftermarket Industries to develop the ultimate fuel system for the FD RX7.

If you have not heard of Aftermarket Industries, stop, go and do a little research on them, they are the ultimate in fuel systems used in all levels of motorsport around the world. 😄

When we initially set out to build a fuel system, the requirements were simple…

  • BOLT ON, it needed to bolt in, we didn’t want to have to do any cutting or welding or modify the OEM tank in anyway.
  • FLOW, we needed something that can flow the ever growing fuel demands of the rotary combos being built in this day and age. This is the only hanger in the world that supports the Bosch BR540, Walbro 460/525 as well as supporting the latest brushless pump technology 😍.

Safe to say the guys at Aftermarket Industries achieved this and some 💪

A few things to note, you cannot use OEM wiring with this hanger, you will require Wiring and relays for the pumps and they will need to be wired using the appropriate wire.

The OEM fuel sender will work which means the OEM fuel gauge will work as well.

While the OEM fuel lines can be made to work with this hanger we don’t recommend it for any setup that uses twin pumps.


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