Adaptronic Modular Plug-in ECU EMOD013 – Mazda SE3P RX8 S1


A direct, standalone Plug’n’Play ECU for the Series 1 Mazda RX8.

Adaptronic Modular ECUs offer more control and greater flexibility for the tuners while maintaining their excellent value-for-money.

  • Engine control unit
  • USB (tuning) cable
  • 1GB USB Stick
  • Adaptronic stickers

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Adaptronic Modular Rx8 PNP ecu is based upon the M2000, but with an Rx8 Series 1 specific connector that allows you to plug the unit right into your OEM wiring harness. Unlike the select series Rx8 ecus, this unit completely replaces the OEM ecu. The modular Rx8 ecu now controls the OEM Rx8 DBW throttle body( or any aftermarket DBW that has been coded by Adaptronic HQ). Additionally it now can control the OEM Rx8 OMP, and fans if desired. You do have to to use any of the above, for example you can use a cable driven throttle body if you want to. The modular Rx-8 ecu has 8 fuel & ignition drivers, and can sequentially control a 13BREW, 20B or 4 rotor, additionally 4/6 cyl, or V8 engine swaps can be controlled with this ecu too. This unit communicates with the OEM dash, traction control, ABS, and OEM wideband sensor on the V2 ecus. You will not lose any function found on the OEM chassis.

The Rx8 ECU comes with one DBW module installed ( not removable like standard modules), and there is still room for one small module upgrade( real time module, small output, analog input module, additional DBW module).

The modular Rx8 ecu no longer requires the SSI for fuel or oil pressure inputs, and additional fuel temperature/pressure are now apart of the advanced fuel model. This unit is also roughly 10x faster than the previous select models; 2X 32B 120MHZ processors; 1 per control board, and 1 per big output module( each additional optional module has its own 32MB 120MHZ processor, so processor speeds never slow down with expansion).

  • Advanced Fuel Film Model
  • Modular ECU design; Ability to internally add modules to expand hardware without buying a complete new ecu.
  • Built in Oscilloscope; to aid in external hardware & wiring faults etc
  • Built in Simulator to test ecu logic & input/outputs without engine running
  • User definable gauge displays & maps with warning presets
  • 1X CAN output
  • 32MB Inbuilt logging 32 MB ( 32678 KB) 
    Max 30 hrs @ 10 Hz( 100 m/s sample rate) , 13 channels Min 20 mins @ 100 Hz( 10m/s sample rate), 125 channels of on-board logging to flash
  • Bigger maps( 32 x 32) and more of them compared to Select Models
  • 3 axis accelerometer (G sensor) and rate gyro
  • “Wifi” Wireless communication
  • Arbitrary Logic Functioneasier version of the advanced mode in the current E1280s– the ability to implement any software logic you want- in development).
  • Multiple tuning modes including Volumetric Efficiency for accurate & easy tuning. Modular units now include fuel pressure in the VE tuning strategy, in additional to fuel temperature and exhaust manifold back pressure.
  • Advanced trigger fault detection with variable filtering etc
  • Advanced Adaptive Fuel & Ignition Control including 100% configurable tolerances, loop gains, & conditions for automated AFR, IDLE, & Transient Throttle Control( Closed Loop Self Tuning).
  • Full Sequential Fuel & Ignition Control– Direct fire capable( 4 individual coils on a 2 rotor, up to 8 total-will run a 20B properly), and Individual Rotor Injector Trim( individual control up to 8 injectors)
  • OMP & Stock Sequential Twin Turbo Control
  • 2x Internal 4 bar MAP sensor for engines running as high as 40 psi of boost( 4 total supported, 2 internal, and 2 external).
  • Advanced Engine Protection Features– definable rev limiters for engine lean out, low oil, fuel or auxiliary pressures, etc.
  • Traction & Launch Control configuration( Traction control requires traction control module upgrade at additional cost)
  • Integrated 3.5mm headphone jack for real-time listening to knock
  • E85 Flex Fuel Control for maintaining accurate injection rates utilizing real-time ethanol content & fuel temp monitoring. (Requires Flex Fuel Sensor)
  • Built in Boost Control Software including Boost by Gear using OEM transmission sensors
  • 3x Spare 0-5v analogue input
  • 4x temperature inputs( air, coolant, fuel), 2x liquid(fuel & oil) inputs
  • Water/Alcohol Injection & Nitrous Control
  • Integrated Diagnostic LED’s for easy visual confirmation of proper Trigger, Fuel Injection, & Ignition System operation.
  • Instant Dual MAP Switching capability for street & track vehicles!
  • User Configurable Sensors – compatible with any and all senors like FFE trigger wheels, or GM AIT or ECT sensors
  • 4x Serial Ports(2 in/2 out) connection for zero soldering wideband o2 sensor, dash connections etc
  • Race Dash Integration via Serial Output or Can
  • Innovative Wideband/TC-4/ Daisy Chain Compatible via serial connection.
  • PLX Multi Display Gauge & Android App Compatible for real-time engine parameter display.
  • If OEM harness is not available or in good condition; Adaptronic Wire In Models(M2000/M6000) are available with either flying lead or terminated wiring harnesses.
  • 20B 3 rotor and engine swap compatible( can be reconfigured to piston motors).
  • Available for S4, S5, S6, S6, S7, S8 Rx7s
  • Easy to use updated Eugene software with USB connection to PC’s running Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8.
  • Easy Datalogging with no additional hardware/software.
  • Excellent direct and community technical support.
  • 12 Month Warranty

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm