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Raceonly Motorsport Services & Trackside Support

The Raceonly team can be found trackside supporting their customers at events in NSW, across Australia and abroad. Years of running our own cars at the strip and track along side our customers cars gives us our experience and competitive edge. Our trackside support service provides the experience and resources to ensure optimal vehicle preparation, as well as offering assistance and advice in most situations. We can help with:

  • Preparation and safety checks throughout an event
  • Recording of car and environmental settings with resultant lap times
  • Mechanical and ECU tuning adjustments referenced from driver feedback
  • Technicians to deal with problems that may arise
  • A range of appropriate spare parts and tools

Raceonly offer a race preparation and maintenance schedule for regular competitors.

This schedule is derived from our extensive experience with rotaries, and focuses on preventative maintenance. The schedule is structured so that maintenance is performed after each event and costs are averaged over a pre-determined cycle. This allows you to budget whilst keeping your vehicle in optimum condition.

  • Minimises the chances of disappointing and expensive mechanical failure
  • Allows accurate budgeting of motorsport events
  • Database log of all work performed and notes for future development

Got a question about trackside support?

Call us, email us or message us on Facebook. Shoot over a contact form. We know choosing a team to support you at the track is a big decision. We’re here to help you get the most out of your car. Raceonly are Sydney’s best specialist in trackside support for rotaries.