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Raceonly Fabrication & Rotary Performance Upgrades

This is the where the fun really begins! Raceonly pride themselves on being the number one choice in Sydney for building completely custom setups to suit your goals. Whether you want to push the stock RX7 twins to their limits, or build an insane drag monster, we can help guide you and build you the machine of your dreams. We’ve built rotaries with all manner of setups over the years, and know what does and doesn’t work. We will help guide you to reach your goals while being mindful of your budget.

We have in-house fabrication services and can build everything from custom exhausts, to bespoke v-mount intercooler setups and sequential gearbox upgrades. Whatever you can dream up, we can build it.

Raceonly offers completely custom builds to suit your goals.

  • FD3S RX7 single turbo upgrades
  • Upgraded RX7 twin turbo systems
  • Custom intercooler setups, including v-mount and front mount systems
  • Exhaust systems, both custom and quality bolt on options
  • Complete fueling solutions including injector and fuel rail upgrades
  • Fuel cell and surge tank upgrades
  • Ignition upgrades including complete coil kits
  • And much more!

Not quite sure what you want?

Call us, email us or message us on Facebook. Shoot over a contact form. We know these are big and sometimes overwhelming decisions and you will have questions and want advice. We’re here to help you build your ultimate Raceonly setup. Raceonly are Sydney’s specialist in all things Rotary, fabrication and performance upgrades.