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  • Turblown Cast IWG FD3S 347 SS Manifold

  • Turblown EFR IWG Manifold Inconnel Heat Shield

  • Raceonly Projay Throttle body(Mustang) to LS90MM DBW Adaptor

  • Project MU HC-EP Brake Pads FC RX7 Rear

  • Project MU HC-EP Brake Pads FC RX7 Front

  • Adaptronic Modular Plug-in ECU – Mazda FC3S RX7 Series 5

  • Adaptronic Modular Plug-in ECU – Mazda FC3S RX7 Series 4

  • SUPERLAP FD Engine Hook


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#FULLFUNCTIONENGINEERING fuel rail kits going out the door daily. We are definitely getting more workshops on board with our program, I have had great feedback from people switching from their Chinese rail kits over to the these beautiful @fullfunctioneng pieces. 

Most people just can't believe how easy it goes together, no custom spacers, no wobbly bendy brackets , no custom anything required. Assemble and bolt down. It would take 2500psi of boost to get 1mm of bracket deflection, that is how strong the bracket system is. 😍

When it comes to fuel, nobody wants to see their car burn to the ground, we have seen a few FD's now with crappy Chinese fuel rail systems completely burn to the ground, I even had a customer with an #FC tell me about his car catching fire and almost loosing most of his engine bay. Don't be complacent, don't be blind, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something so poorly designed is some how going to survive cause some hacksaw mechanic "made it work". Rubbish is rubbish. 


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#MOTEC goodies going out the door. This particular package heading overseas for a special #RHD #FD #RX7. 

We are always working on ways to package more items together and make it easier for workshops and DIY installers to fit out. Whether its full ECU packages with our #ENGINEPROTECTION suite or @fullfunctioneng fuel rail kits, if your looking for a product for your FD, we will most likely have it or in the process of making it or stocking it. 

I am really trying to make sure we are the one stop shop for your FD, whether it's OEM + or WILD track cars, we will be looking to stock all the items needed to make those builds happening, I know it won't happen overnight but it's definitely happening and our online catalogue is slowly growing πŸ’ͺ

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#DORITO continued... So we have a few more things to add to the list that need addressing. Battery cable has been run with the fuel lines which doesn't bode well with me, that circuit isn't protected either so that makes it a lot more dangerous. In any form of car accident here we are adding to the likelihood of a fire with this type of implementation. 

We will convert this to our engineer approved tried and tested method which runs the cable internally and uses a stud to pass through and power all the devices that are external to the cabin. The circuit will also be protected at the battery incase of any form of short circuit or extended current overdraw. 
This also comes with the excellent benefit of providing a central point at the front of the car to feed items like ecu, fusebox etc. 

All connections are covered with boots to prevent accidental short circuits when working around the studs. All the boots are colour coded as well as the cable to make it easy to trace and identify when working with a power and ground cable. 

Sounds logical and simple right ? Almost simple enough that you would think it isn't worth mentioning right ? Unfortunately it's all too common to see these little things missed, whenever we are working with a car, we don't see many shops put any effort into making a car logical to trace and troubleshoot. This means you end up redoing work that could have just been repaired. 
Build for the future , not just now, #doitoncedoitright 

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#FUELTECH FT-4 Gen 2 ignition system just in. For anyone who has made big power with a rotary, you will have found most ignition systems are inadequate for high RPM. 
Even our own #IGN1A ignition systems quickly finds itself running out of time to fire at high rpm. 

I actually get asked a lot about the R35 coil for the rotary engine. Piston guys making impressive power with them, people automatically assume they would be great for the rotary. Something that most people don't take into consideration is the time available to charge the coil and fire it. People are so focused on how much energy the coil produces, unfortunately this isn't the only factor to consider. As a matter of fact it's totally irrelevant if the coil doesn't have enough time to charge between firing events. This is one of they key factors to consider on any high rpm rotary, if your engine power is still climbing post 8000-8500rpm then your most likely already compromising how much power you can make. 

This brings us back to the @fueltechaustralia
Ignition system. This system can produce a whopping 750MJ πŸ™ˆπŸ’€, but before we make the same mistake that I mentioned before, the most important factor is that it can maintain this power as a MINIMUM all the way to 10500rpn on a #rotary. Absolutely mind blowing ❀️

As always, we will be doing a back to back test vs our own #IGN1A system to see the difference, better yet we will be doing our testing on @thedeb_rx7 which is the perfect candidate for this test. It revs to 9500+ and I believe with the right ignition system it will go 10500 πŸ’ͺ. 😍

Can't wait to do this test, I think the results are going to be impressive. 

Will keep you all posted

P.S if testing goes well, we will be offering a Terminated PNP harness and Bolt on bracket system for the #FD #RX7 ☺️

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#DYNO FOR #RX713B with its new @adaptronic #M6000 ECU. Honestly I can never wipe the smile off my face when all our hard work and development on the #adaptronic platform pays off to the point where our base tune file is so well sorted that we are able to quickly adapt to different combinations. It really makes for such a pleasurable and stress free tuning experience. 

Everything just works. I did 4 full pulls and my #AFR was perfectly following my target AFR. My ignition maps were with in 2 degrees of optimum power for that boost and fuel. Idle settings just worked, set my targets and the ECU did the rest. Our engine protection strategies are well tested in many cars and just work, no tweaking required. Interestingly enough when I road tested the car after this dyno session it was very low on fuel and it actually cut me off while I was trying to boost it. Another fuel surge prevented and one less time an engine has to see a severe lean out. That could have been a broken engine, you really CAN rely on good technology to do it's job. I say with full confidence that the effectiveness of the Adaptronic Engine protection strategies are second to none and better than most πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‰

Looking forward to seeing this beast back eventually for #flex fuel and an #EFR. ❀️

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#FLYIN7V2 getting its last little final details before she is off for paint. The aim is to have her painted and back together for revival, is it possible?

We don't know...only time will tell 😜. We will definitely be all hands on deck to make it happen.πŸ’ͺ

With everything we have done on this build we are trying to take all parts of the car to the next level, we thought the catch can and overflow bottle shouldn't miss out on the action, these beautiful #CNC pieces add the perfect touch to the bay, @killmodefd3s_ nailed the bracket and placement, very happy with it. 

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #fd #rx7 #therotaryboss #mazda #rotary #semipp #RACEONLYPOWERPLANT #adaptronic #13b #rew #neverstop #stillnumber1
#RX713B #FIRSTSTART with its new @adaptronic M6000. This thing started effortlessly, it was alittle rich as my base was a little over but otherwise it was perfect. OMG we have idle control πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ. Why people install ECU's that can't even do proper idle control is beyond me. The car starts and idles so effortlessly now. It's good to see all our data showing as well, we have all of our sensors inputting into the ECU and I already have all our #ENGINEPROTECTION safety strategies setup and ready to go.

We are going to get it on the dyno tomorrow. Can't wait ❀️πŸ’ͺ

#raceonly #THEFCBOSS #raceonlygarage #fc #fd #THEFDBOSS #adaptronic #mazda #rew #rotary #13b #neverstop #stillnumber1
#BRAPS getting its run in kms before it heads all the way back to Albury. Loving the way this thing sounds, she is a little grumpy to drive but hey, nobody signs up for a Bridgeport to have perfect drivability πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

With the @adaptronic ECU controlling the show we can get rid of most of the bucking generally cause by over fueling etc. You tend to find with heavily ported engines you get a wild swing in fueling requirement in such a small range of throttle. These are a few variables that contribute to this, with a good ecu you can have use clever tuning strategies to combat these to make for a very drivable car even though it's only pulling 6-7 inches of vacuum at idle. That's the beauty of technology. 

Well only another million KMs to go πŸ˜› before she is ready to see some power and then make its trip home.

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #therotaryboss #rotary #fd #rx7 #13b #mazda #rew #adaptronic #neverstop #stillnumber1
#RX713B really close now. Only have a few more connectors to terminate and we will be putting her back together to turn her on. 

We will also be removing the dump pipe to weld an O2 bung for our wideband sensor which will allow us to deploy another #ENGINEPROTECTION strategy on the @adaptronic M6000 ECU. 

Really interested to see how different it will be to the old ecu, having nice creature comforts like idle control πŸ™ˆ. Really going to elevate the car and make it feel more modern. While also taking some comfort in knowing that we have protected the engine at all almost all levels possible πŸ’ͺ.

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#RX713B continued .... As you can see we have the first stage of the @adaptronic harness done and this now ready to drop in the car to have the rest of the items finalised. 
No one would ever think that it would be a day's work to go from a bare harness to this. Once again it's all about the little things and make sure you get everything in the right place.

Very happy with how it's turned out so far. We will do some wiring on the coils, drop the harness in and start terminating all our engine bay bits next. 
Might have a running car very soon πŸ™ˆ

#raceonly #therotaryboss #raceonlygarge #fc #rx7 #adaptronic #neverstop #rotary #13b #m6000
#RX713B getting its new @adaptronic #Modular #M6000 ECU prepped for its new wiring harness. There is a solid 6-7 hours of planning and prep work that goes into a harness before it starts to look like anything meaningful. 

I don't like getting it wrong and nobody likes rework, so I check my work over and over to make sure it's rightπŸ’ͺ and use several methods to check my wire counts, pinouts etc. 

As I get more organised with my wiring I am really starting to enjoying it a lot more, I feel that I am transitioning from planning to execution with a lot more confidence. It has also been massive to have Norman helping out with wiring, it's great to work with someone who shares the same passion and attention to detail and looking forward to see him do more and more. πŸ™

For now, it's back to work ❀️

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #rotary #rew #mazda #13b #rew #therotaryboss #fd #rx7 #fdspecialists #stillnumber1
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