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#RX713B getting its new @adaptronic #Modular #M6000 ECU prepped for its new wiring harness. There is a solid 6-7 hours of planning and prep work that goes into a harness before it starts to look like anything meaningful. 

I don't like getting it wrong and nobody likes rework, so I check my work over and over to make sure it's rightπŸ’ͺ and use several methods to check my wire counts, pinouts etc. 

As I get more organised with my wiring I am really starting to enjoying it a lot more, I feel that I am transitioning from planning to execution with a lot more confidence. It has also been massive to have Norman helping out with wiring, it's great to work with someone who shares the same passion and attention to detail and looking forward to see him do more and more. πŸ™

For now, it's back to work ❀️

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#THEDEB testing has been non stop over the last 6 months while we are waiting for the track to open. Chris has done 5000+KMs in the car this year and we have been testing lots of new items on the car to see what new products we can bring to the market as well refining our existing products. He has actually done so much driving his fresh "white" paint now looks poo brown πŸ˜‚

We actually did a significant amount of testing on our #IGN1A ignition system to see where the limit would be. As you can see in this video this isn't a 1 second hit on the dyno. We actually stretch its legs with full power coming on at 5400rpm and calling it a day at 9500rpm. The power curve is actually still climbing and this engine can go another 1000rpm. Did I mention we have perfectly stable timing with the @adaptronic ECU and OEM trigger. 

We have a bit more testing to go before we take her alittle higher in the rev range but we are almost there. The track is almost open and we are pretty much there in terms of making sure she is ready to rock. She has proven herself as a trusty reliable street car and now it's time it struts it's stuff at the track. Best of all, we don't have to touch a thing when we go to the track, no plug changes, no tyre changes, no tune changes, nothing. Line up and #RACE

P.S who said big turbos are laggy 😝. This GTX47 has no issues coming in boost and comes on faster then most πŸ˜‰

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #therotaryboss #mazda #rotary #fd #rx7 #oem #13b #rew #neverstop #adaptronic #projay #FULLFUNCTIONENGINEERING #stillnumber1
#ADAPTRONIC time for this beautiful #FC #RX7. Pat recently purchased this car off one of our existing customers and wanted to do a few upgrades to ensure the prolonged the life of the engine as much as possible. 

We thought the best way to do this would be to install an ECU that could use engine data to apply #ENGINEPROTECTION strategies. 

As we know, most well built rotary engines for 3 main reasons, fuel starvation, oil starvation and over heating. 

We can address all 3 of these through the @adaptronic ECU with our engine protection suite. 

Looking forward to getting stuck into the wiring in this car. Gona be fun πŸ˜‚

#raceonly #therotaryboss #raceonlygarage #rotary #mazda #rew #13b #adaptronic #neverstop
Have to agree with Adam here. Except I need a minute to build me race car πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

I guess we all need a minute to do what we love πŸ’ͺ

Posted @withregram β€’ @adlawd Wish life would hold up a minute so I can go shoot 😩
#TARGA #FD #RX7 now running with its new @fullfunctioneng fuel rails, @injectordynamics ID1050X injectors and @gofastbits FX-R fuel pressure regulator. 

This car fought us at every step and through a spanner in the works at every opportunity πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ. To think this car was supposed to come here for an inspection and a health check. How it snow balls sometimes never ceases to amaze me. At least we can be confident with the new fuel system, last thing you ever want is a fuel leaks and a fire. This car wax definitely a candidate for that. We now have more then enough fuel for any amount of power we would want to make on pump fuel and plenty of head room. How it should of been done the first time. #doitoncedoitright 

We also tidied up some of the vacuum routing for the oil metering injectors, I don't know how many cars we get in the shop with the oil injector vacuum hoses plumbed incorrectly πŸ™ˆ. 

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #rotary #mazda #rew #13b #therotaryboss #FULLFUNCTIONENGINEERING #neverstop #stillnumber1
#GIVEAWAY is done and dusted.

Our two winners are @paologalubio and @sergejcik both guessing 470RWHP.

Well done guys. Please contact us and we will get your #WIDEBANDS sent out asap. 

So back to the graph. So the lowest HP run is what it looked like with our very large boost leak. As you can see the boost wasn't holding and the turbo just simply couldn't keep up πŸ™ˆ. 

With 0 changes made other than the boost leak the next run to follow would be 396RWHP πŸ’€. ... Don't ever underestimate how much a boost leak can make a difference. 

As you can see this car loved boost, making excellent power at only 22PSI πŸ’ͺ. Amazing how it all works well when everything is doing what it is supposed to. I know Allan will race this once the track opens and I have no doubt she will put out some good MPH πŸ™. 

I should also note that this car is using our PNP boost control harness which allows the Apexi to control boost as well as provide 2 different boost settings via the commander to the end user. Who says you need a boost controller πŸ˜›. So easy βœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈ

Until next time 

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #rotary #therotaryboss #mazda #rew #fd #rx7 #neverstop #FULLFUNCTIONENGINEERING #stillnumber1
#TARGA #FD #RX7 continued . .. so as you know from our previous posts we just installed some @fullfunctioneng fuel rails as well as some @injectordynamics 1050x injectors and a @gofastbits fuel pressure regulator. 

Now really strangely, we had no fuel pressure after doing the install. Now keep in mind the car came on a tow truck and was recently meant to be running, of course that never stops weird stuff showing their heads. πŸ™ˆ

As you can see we had some major issues with our fuel pump installation. Of course we would later find out after sorting out wiring and plumbing that the pump would also be trash as well. 

We had to install one of our FD pump kits and start from scratch, thankfully as soon as we did that, the difference was instant. We had a crisp and firm 45psi and no leaks of course. 

I hear it all the time, quickly install a fuel pump, it's nothing.... Here is proof that yet again, not all installations are equal and you cannot choose a service provider on price, quality must stand above all other factors #doitoncedoitright 

Hopefully now we can finally get her onto the dyno to see what she does 

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #mazda #rotary #13b #rew #fdspecialists #therotaryboss #neverstop #stillnumber1
#BOOSTLEAK was the right answer. As far as I can tell no one guessed boost leak. The BOV was plumbed to a port that had no vacuum, this essentially means that this car could have never made more then 300RWHP in its life. How they apparently made 300+RWKW with the BOV venting all the air is behind me....

Once we sorted the plumbing for the BOV and we had no boost leak we picked up almost 100RWHP with nothing else touched on the same boost of 1 bar πŸ™ˆ. 

So let's make it interesting. Since the #GIVEAWAY wasn't a success. Let's try again.

Guess HOW MUCH POWER IT MADE and win one of two #INNOVATE #WIDEBAND kits 


#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #rotary #fd #rx7 #rotary #fdspecialists #mazda #oem #neverstop #stillnumber1
#FULLFUNCTIONENGINEERING rails for the #targa #FD #RX7 as well as some @injectordynamics 1050X injectors πŸ’ͺ❀️. 

This car originally came in for a health check as well as a fuel leak, interestingly enough we had a fuel leak from the OEM loop hose between the primary and secondary rail. This is a really odd spot for them to leak, can't say I have ever seen them leak in that spot. 

Once we removed the rails, it all made sense, this car had an xcessive LIM fitted with OEM rails πŸ™ˆ and the loop hose was under so much tension due to the manifold positioning it tore the hose. πŸ₯΅

Once again some less than professional workmanship has ended up with a fuel leak that could have possibly burnt the whole car to the ground, to think that this car is meant to be racing and this is the quality we are seeing. 

Either way, she has the right parts now and will be rock solid moving forward. Looking forward to running this up on the dyno to see where it goes. 

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #rotary #therotaryboss #mazda #rew #13b #fdspecialists #neverstop #stillnumber1
#GIVEAWAY time again !! 
Another #FD on the dyno.... Allan's FD #RX7 was finally ready to get its #E85 tune done. We had fitted set of Full Function Engineering Fuel rails as well as some new injectors and a GFB Fuel pressure regulator. Allan had also installed a Walbro 535 which is the same as the 525 without the check valve. Usually the highest I have been able to go with power a single 525 on E85 was around 440RWHP.

It was certainly going to be interesting to see what power we would make with one of these pumps. The goal with the car was to make 440-450RWHP so I knew that we should be right there. How much head room we would have would be the question?

Of course most dyno sessions have to hit some sort of snag lol. This one didn't disappoint. First run I did the car struggled to make 300RWHP on 13PSI of boost. It drives me a little mad because this car has apparently made tonnes of power previously apparently and realisticaly going from pump fuel to E85, we should see an immediate power gain assuming fueling is in the right spot which it was. 

So, first person to guess what the issue was will get a free #INNOVATE WIDEBAND kit. We are giving away 2 KITS. We will take the most accurate answer that is given first. Don't be too generic. Well let's go. 

#raceonly #thefdboss #raceonlygarage #fullfunctionengineering #rotary #rew #mazda #oem #neverstop #apexi #powerfc #stillnumber1
Another #FD on the dyno getting the #raceonly treatment. This car came last week for a health check to make sure it was ok to dyno. 

This car had a @microtech_efi ECU in it. Had to do a fair bit of work to get a new fuel curve in it. The pre-existing table was alittle lack luster. 

Also had to install a set of #HKS plugs which we keep in stock. Always a great remedy for the #OEM coils which can be alittle border line some times. 

I have to say, it's nice to see people following our social media and taking note of the things I have shared. It was amazing to have someone who had ensured their pump wiring was sorted, fuel filter done and basics checked before the car was brought for a tune. It makes the world of difference as far as a tuner is concerned, we are not chasing our tails troubleshooting and just doing actual tuning.πŸ’ͺ

#raceonlygarage #THEFDBOSS #RX7 #therotaryboss #fdspecialists #wespecialise #mazda #rew #microtech #brap #neverstop #stillnumber1
Another #FD fresh off the boat in for some love @raceonlyheadquarters. ❀️ I love seeing more cars coming into the country, with the demand for cars the way it is, it seems like local supply just isn't enough. It also means we will see more guys driving their cars on the road doing their thing. 

As always we will do our basics on these cars to give the new owner something to start with. Obviously these cars are now 20+ years old and will need plenty of tlc and love to make them great again, nonetheless they have lots of potential and will hopefully be someone's pride and joy.

For all of those you on the fence, don't wait, they are only going up and up in price. 

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #therotaryboss #rotary #rew #13b #rx7 #mazda #neverstop #fdspecialists #stillnumber1
#RX2 on our #dyno getting its tune done with some more boost. This run was on a baby 8psi. Interesting observation that I actually see very often with engines that are new. The tune changes considerably from our 1000km tune to our 2000km tune. I also tend to see a lot more #VE at higher rpms when the engine has done some more work. Clearly indicates to me that the engine isn't sealing 100% at 1000kms. 

I've readjusted my base fuel curve to and made another 20HP from our last tune with no boost changes whatsoever ❀️. 

Hopefully next runs will be near 1 bar of boost 

Turn up the volume she sounds real happy revving all the way to 8200rpm πŸ’ͺ. 

#raceonly #therotaryboss #raceonlygarage #rotary #12a #haltech #mazda #streetport #RACEONLYPOWERPLANT #neverstop
#FD on the hoist ready for its new @aesracingmufflers rear muffler. The owner of the car didn't enjoy the note of the #SMB muffler and wanted a different sound. 

@killmodefd3s_ will make mince of meat of this I'm sure, should turn out nice. Then it's finally ready to go #kamikaze on the dyno to see what it makes.

This will be the first car I'll tune with the Walbro 535, it should be interesting to see how much flow the check valve holds back. πŸ™

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #therotaryboss #mazda #rotary #mazda #rew #neverstop #rx7 #13b #stillnumber1
#DYNO time for Blake's #RX2. We built the engine for this car some time ago now and it has been running around on 6psi for some time now. Blake wants to see what she does with some more boost, we have installed a @turbosmarthq E-boost street and will be turning up this little #12a #RACEONLYPOWERPLANT to 13-14psi on #pumpfuel .

I don't expect huge dyno numbers, will be interesting to see what the torque curve looks like, should be a fun drive πŸ’ͺ.

#raceonly #therotaryboss #raceonlygarge #mazda #rotary #streetport #neverstop #anotherdayinparadise
#RIO in for a new clutch release bearing after his existing bearing decided to explode πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. The last shop that did the clutch decided to reuse the old bearing as it didn't look bad apparently. 

For me, anything serviceable like this it should be replaced whenever you have the opportunity to address it. Especially when it's hard to get to . If you have to remove an engine or a gearbox you really only want to do it once in the lifetime of ownership. 

For now, we will get stuck into replacing it and getting Cuong back on the road as this is his daily driver πŸ’ͺ

#raceonly #THEFDBOSS #raceonlygarage #mazda #rotary #oem #FD #RX7 #13b #rew #stillnumber1
#SEMIPP #RACEONLYPOWERPLANT in action. Check out Mahmoud's #FD #RX7 on less than one bar of boost. πŸ’ͺ
The @teamprojay #semipp combo is super efficient and loves to rev. This car is making almost 500rwhp on 14psi and we have only revved it to 9000rpm thus far. Once we do our fuel system upgrades this beast will see 10000rpm and 25+psi of boost. 😍

If you listen our really carefully you'll actually hear the #fuelpressureprotection kick in right at the end. Since the fuel system is so inadequate it can't even keep up at 14psi πŸ˜‚. That's why we setup safeties, we no longer need to worry that an engine will break due to fuel and oil system issues, we can totally rely on the technology to do it's job. 

Another Tuff FD out of the #raceonly stables doing its thing and doing out reliably (well the engine anyways, lol, it's broken two gearboxes in a matter for weeks πŸ™ˆ) 

#raceonlygarage #THEFDBOSS #thefdspecialist
#mazda #rotary #neverstop #stillnumber1